Dear Parents,
I would like to welcome you all into the world of SHAHEEN by invoking the name of Allah, the most benevolent. Without his will and direction we could not have reached where we are and scaled the towering heights. Our strong belief and total trust in the ideals closely linked to Islam has helped us shape the perfect learning environment that’s a mix of the contemporary and the religious. I am sure it’s going to be a magical sojourn for you as we take a walk down the memory lane and have a peek at our future blueprint.

What started off as a visionary endeavor in a one room tenement accommodation 18 students way back in 1989 has now evolved into a major center of academic excellence touching the lives of more than 16000 students and 600 teachers engaged in creation of knowledge wealth from KG to Graduation levels. Apart from our mission of making quality education affordable to one and all there’s something else which kick started this success saga; our commitment to revitalizing the old glory of Bidar as a revered seat of learning. The historically rich district of Bidar, the erstwhile capital of the mighty Bahmani knowledge was also center of learning for two centuries catering to students from across the globe at Madrasa of Mahmud Gawan setup in 1472. Those were the days when Bidar was at the pinnacle of glory with recognition as a great seat of learning. Today we have taken it upon ourselves to reclaim the status of Bidar as one of the finest destinations for aspirants aiming for world class learning experience. It all stated when I was looking for a quality education hub for my younger sibling Abdul Hannan; my search was futile exercise as I could not find a single

Dr. Abdul Qadeer
President & Founder Allama Iqbal Educational Society & Shaheen Group of Institutions
standard academic institution in and around Bidar. That was the turning point which motivated me to give up my flourishing careers as an engineer in Gulf and turn into an academic entrepreneur. Modest resources, a mountain of faith of Allah Ta’ala and a strong vision to shape a worked class academic hub offering top notch facilities where my only capital. Today all of us feel vindicated looking at this magnificent SHAHEEN family which is rich in knowledge wealth and constantly exposes the philosophy of Allama Iqbal. SHAHEEN is now marching of majestically imparting an ideal blend of modern academic knowledge and pearls of wisdom from the holy Quran. The group takes immense pride in shaping an ideal secular Islamic environment replete with Sunnah traditions that’s conducive to seamless learning. SHAHEEN is now poised for a giant leap by making its presence felt in New Delhi Students and Teachers from all communities fell at home at SHAHEEN. Best teaching, best environment, best mentoring, overall support, and above all… The care to make them morally upright – these are the ingredients making the SHAHEEN what it is today!